Who We Are?

We are the African Agency the trading and consulting company in Africa. African Agency is a registered venture in Republic of Benin with registration number R.C: RCCM RB/COT/17 A 30230. The business venture is currently based in the Republic of Benin with representatives around the world.

How we started
African Agency was started by Mr. Balogun Hammed Ademola the chairman and CEO with the objective of providing essential supplies of African raw and processed agricultural products across the world, And to facilitate business services in Africa for any foreign company, organisation or individual that want to do business in Africa.

Our determination
We consider trading a very serious business where commitment to deliver means the very word.

Our development
With ever increasing clientele, we today trade with India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, United Kingdom and, the African countries and are taking our first steps in establishing links in many other countries across the globe.

How we handle our business
We handle our business with honesty, professionalism, simplicity and with a philosophy of continuous improvement.
We achieve total quality in our services and realize an effective search for new suppliers and clients. Our trading arm is also being leveraged to forge alliances with major corporations and business houses which help to transcend the agency and seek avenues for closer ties with other group companies.

What other service we offer
We are also involved in helping our clients who have plans to sell their goods in Africa diligently advertise even into all the nooks and crannies of Africa and other countries which we are presently linked to.
Another of our expertise is creating a good seller-buyer relationship between our clients and the prospective buyers of their goods. Moreover, we help our newly established clients in Africa scout for workers for any area of work.

We offer:
Company Check in Africa
Export advise, assistance & consultancy
Export marketing strategy development
Export-Import management
Market research & market selection
Export-Import plan development & implementation
International trade risk reduction
Market penetration & coverage
Product sourcing, pricing & distribution
Product & company presentation
General mentoring
International promotion
Study of marketing environment with respect to product.